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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:33 pm 

Joined: Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:22 pm
Posts: 11
PeterR wrote:
I'm seeing the same problem with an Optismart reader on my house meter. Have just had a period of exporting so the EnviR is reading 0 but the impulses are incrementing and the LED on the sensor is flashing. I did check the LED on the actual meter to see if there was any trace of a flash but nothing visible to the eye. I also blanked off the meter cupboard to make it dark and that made no difference.

Results (edited) from C2 Terminal attached

Moderator omitted to add results so here they are:

Port opened at 28/10/2011 09:55:09




















Port closed at 28/10/2011 10:12:03

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:25 pm 

Joined: Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:46 am
Posts: 35
Has there been any progress on this eg to resolve whether it's the optismart, or the meter or both, and to get it fixed? I'm guessing that cc could/should improve the detector & maybe make the threshold variable to accomodate 'funny' meters - but they aren't usually very quick (& this is a euphemism!) to fix or flag such issues.


PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:27 pm 

Joined: Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:10 pm
Posts: 328
Location: East Sussex
Just to revive this issue...

Just been trying my PV OptiSmart for an hour with the LED Sensor head unplugged.

The EnviR reads zero watts as expected but the meter count still goes up :(

Sensor=8, Time=18:21:01 Meter Reading=1537.194, Impulse Count=1608194, kwh=0
Sensor=8, Time=18:21:29 Meter Reading=1537.199, Impulse Count=1608199, kwh=0.005
Sensor=8, Time=18:21:56 Meter Reading=1537.204, Impulse Count=1608204, kwh=0.01
Sensor=8, Time=18:22:23 Meter Reading=1537.209, Impulse Count=1608209, kwh=0.015
Sensor=8, Time=18:22:51 Meter Reading=1537.214, Impulse Count=1608214, kwh=0.02
Sensor=8, Time=18:23:18 Meter Reading=1537.219, Impulse Count=1608219, kwh=0.025
Sensor=8, Time=18:23:46 Meter Reading=1537.224, Impulse Count=1608224, kwh=0.03
Sensor=8, Time=18:24:13 Meter Reading=1537.229, Impulse Count=1608229, kwh=0.035
Sensor=8, Time=18:24:41 Meter Reading=1537.234, Impulse Count=1608234, kwh=0.04
Sensor=8, Time=18:25:08 Meter Reading=1537.239, Impulse Count=1608239, kwh=0.045
Sensor=8, Time=18:25:35 Meter Reading=1537.244, Impulse Count=1608244, kwh=0.05
Sensor=8, Time=18:26:30 Meter Reading=1537.254, Impulse Count=1608254, kwh=0.06
Sensor=8, Time=18:26:58 Meter Reading=1537.259, Impulse Count=1608259, kwh=0.065
Sensor=8, Time=18:27:25 Meter Reading=1537.264, Impulse Count=1608264, kwh=0.07
Sensor=8, Time=18:27:53 Meter Reading=1537.269, Impulse Count=1608269, kwh=0.075
Sensor=8, Time=18:28:20 Meter Reading=1537.274, Impulse Count=1608274, kwh=0.08
Sensor=8, Time=18:28:47 Meter Reading=1537.279, Impulse Count=1608279, kwh=0.085
Sensor=8, Time=18:29:15 Meter Reading=1537.284, Impulse Count=1608284, kwh=0.09
Sensor=8, Time=18:29:42 Meter Reading=1537.289, Impulse Count=1608289, kwh=0.095
Sensor=8, Time=18:30:10 Meter Reading=1537.294, Impulse Count=1608294, kwh=0.1
Sensor=8, Time=18:30:37 Meter Reading=1537.299, Impulse Count=1608299, kwh=0.105
Sensor=8, Time=18:31:05 Meter Reading=1537.304, Impulse Count=1608304, kwh=0.11
Sensor=8, Time=18:31:32 Meter Reading=1537.309, Impulse Count=1608309, kwh=0.115
Sensor=8, Time=18:31:59 Meter Reading=1537.314, Impulse Count=1608314, kwh=0.12
Sensor=8, Time=18:32:27 Meter Reading=1537.319, Impulse Count=1608319, kwh=0.125
Sensor=8, Time=18:32:55 Meter Reading=1537.324, Impulse Count=1608324, kwh=0.13
Sensor=8, Time=18:33:22 Meter Reading=1537.329, Impulse Count=1608329, kwh=0.135
Sensor=8, Time=18:33:49 Meter Reading=1537.334, Impulse Count=1608334, kwh=0.14
Sensor=8, Time=18:34:17 Meter Reading=1537.339, Impulse Count=1608339, kwh=0.145
Sensor=8, Time=18:34:44 Meter Reading=1537.344, Impulse Count=1608344, kwh=0.15
Sensor=8, Time=18:35:12 Meter Reading=1537.349, Impulse Count=1608349, kwh=0.155
Sensor=8, Time=18:35:39 Meter Reading=1537.354, Impulse Count=1608354, kwh=0.16
Sensor=8, Time=18:36:07 Meter Reading=1537.359, Impulse Count=1608359, kwh=0.165
Sensor=8, Time=18:37:01 Meter Reading=1537.369, Impulse Count=1608369, kwh=0.175
Sensor=8, Time=18:37:29 Meter Reading=1537.374, Impulse Count=1608374, kwh=0.18
Sensor=8, Time=18:37:56 Meter Reading=1537.379, Impulse Count=1608379, kwh=0.185
Sensor=8, Time=18:38:24 Meter Reading=1537.384, Impulse Count=1608384, kwh=0.19
Sensor=8, Time=18:38:51 Meter Reading=1537.389, Impulse Count=1608389, kwh=0.195
Sensor=8, Time=18:39:19 Meter Reading=1537.394, Impulse Count=1608394, kwh=0.2
Sensor=8, Time=18:39:46 Meter Reading=1537.399, Impulse Count=1608399, kwh=0.205
Sensor=8, Time=18:40:14 Meter Reading=1537.404, Impulse Count=1608404, kwh=0.21
Sensor=8, Time=18:40:41 Meter Reading=1537.409, Impulse Count=1608409, kwh=0.215
Sensor=8, Time=18:41:09 Meter Reading=1537.414, Impulse Count=1608414, kwh=0.22
Sensor=8, Time=18:41:36 Meter Reading=1537.419, Impulse Count=1608419, kwh=0.225
Sensor=8, Time=18:42:03 Meter Reading=1537.424, Impulse Count=1608424, kwh=0.23
Sensor=8, Time=18:42:31 Meter Reading=1537.429, Impulse Count=1608429, kwh=0.235
Sensor=8, Time=18:42:58 Meter Reading=1537.434, Impulse Count=1608434, kwh=0.24
Sensor=8, Time=18:43:26 Meter Reading=1537.439, Impulse Count=1608439, kwh=0.245
Sensor=8, Time=18:43:53 Meter Reading=1537.444, Impulse Count=1608444, kwh=0.25
Sensor=8, Time=18:44:21 Meter Reading=1537.449, Impulse Count=1608449, kwh=0.255
Sensor=8, Time=18:44:48 Meter Reading=1537.454, Impulse Count=1608454, kwh=0.26
Sensor=8, Time=18:45:15 Meter Reading=1537.459, Impulse Count=1608459, kwh=0.265
Sensor=8, Time=18:45:43 Meter Reading=1537.464, Impulse Count=1608464, kwh=0.27
Sensor=8, Time=18:46:10 Meter Reading=1537.469, Impulse Count=1608469, kwh=0.275
Sensor=8, Time=18:46:38 Meter Reading=1537.474, Impulse Count=1608474, kwh=0.28
Sensor=8, Time=18:47:05 Meter Reading=1537.479, Impulse Count=1608479, kwh=0.285
Sensor=8, Time=18:47:33 Meter Reading=1537.484, Impulse Count=1608484, kwh=0.29
Sensor=8, Time=18:48:00 Meter Reading=1537.489, Impulse Count=1608489, kwh=0.295
Sensor=8, Time=18:48:27 Meter Reading=1537.494, Impulse Count=1608494, kwh=0.3
Sensor=8, Time=18:48:55 Meter Reading=1537.499, Impulse Count=1608499, kwh=0.305
Sensor=8, Time=18:49:22 Meter Reading=1537.504, Impulse Count=1608504, kwh=0.31
Sensor=8, Time=18:49:50 Meter Reading=1537.509, Impulse Count=1608509, kwh=0.315
Sensor=8, Time=18:50:17 Meter Reading=1537.514, Impulse Count=1608514, kwh=0.32
Sensor=8, Time=18:50:44 Meter Reading=1537.519, Impulse Count=1608519, kwh=0.325
Sensor=8, Time=18:51:12 Meter Reading=1537.524, Impulse Count=1608524, kwh=0.33
Sensor=8, Time=18:51:39 Meter Reading=1537.529, Impulse Count=1608529, kwh=0.335
Sensor=8, Time=18:52:07 Meter Reading=1537.534, Impulse Count=1608534, kwh=0.34
Sensor=8, Time=18:52:34 Meter Reading=1537.539, Impulse Count=1608539, kwh=0.345
Sensor=8, Time=18:53:01 Meter Reading=1537.544, Impulse Count=1608544, kwh=0.35
Sensor=8, Time=18:53:29 Meter Reading=1537.549, Impulse Count=1608549, kwh=0.355
Sensor=8, Time=18:53:56 Meter Reading=1537.554, Impulse Count=1608554, kwh=0.36
Sensor=8, Time=18:54:24 Meter Reading=1537.559, Impulse Count=1608559, kwh=0.365
Sensor=8, Time=18:54:51 Meter Reading=1537.564, Impulse Count=1608564, kwh=0.37
Sensor=8, Time=18:55:19 Meter Reading=1537.569, Impulse Count=1608569, kwh=0.375
Sensor=8, Time=18:55:46 Meter Reading=1537.574, Impulse Count=1608574, kwh=0.38
Sensor=8, Time=18:56:14 Meter Reading=1537.579, Impulse Count=1608579, kwh=0.385
Sensor=8, Time=18:57:08 Meter Reading=1537.589, Impulse Count=1608589, kwh=0.395
Sensor=8, Time=18:57:36 Meter Reading=1537.594, Impulse Count=1608594, kwh=0.4
Sensor=8, Time=18:58:03 Meter Reading=1537.599, Impulse Count=1608599, kwh=0.405
Sensor=8, Time=18:58:58 Meter Reading=1537.609, Impulse Count=1608609, kwh=0.415
Sensor=8, Time=18:59:25 Meter Reading=1537.614, Impulse Count=1608614, kwh=0.42
Sensor=8, Time=18:59:53 Meter Reading=1537.619, Impulse Count=1608619, kwh=0.425
Sensor=8, Time=19:00:20 Meter Reading=1537.624, Impulse Count=1608624, kwh=0.43
Sensor=8, Time=19:01:15 Meter Reading=1537.634, Impulse Count=1608634, kwh=0.44
Sensor=8, Time=19:01:42 Meter Reading=1537.639, Impulse Count=1608639, kwh=0.445
Sensor=8, Time=19:02:37 Meter Reading=1537.649, Impulse Count=1608649, kwh=0.455
Sensor=8, Time=19:03:05 Meter Reading=1537.654, Impulse Count=1608654, kwh=0.46
Sensor=8, Time=19:03:32 Meter Reading=1537.659, Impulse Count=1608659, kwh=0.465
Sensor=8, Time=19:03:59 Meter Reading=1537.664, Impulse Count=1608664, kwh=0.47
Sensor=8, Time=19:04:27 Meter Reading=1537.669, Impulse Count=1608669, kwh=0.475
Sensor=8, Time=19:04:54 Meter Reading=1537.674, Impulse Count=1608674, kwh=0.48
Sensor=8, Time=19:05:22 Meter Reading=1537.679, Impulse Count=1608679, kwh=0.485
Sensor=8, Time=19:05:49 Meter Reading=1537.684, Impulse Count=1608684, kwh=0.49
Sensor=8, Time=19:06:17 Meter Reading=1537.689, Impulse Count=1608689, kwh=0.495
Sensor=8, Time=19:06:44 Meter Reading=1537.694, Impulse Count=1608694, kwh=0.5
Sensor=8, Time=19:07:12 Meter Reading=1537.699, Impulse Count=1608699, kwh=0.505
Sensor=8, Time=19:07:39 Meter Reading=1537.704, Impulse Count=1608704, kwh=0.51
Sensor=8, Time=19:08:34 Meter Reading=1537.714, Impulse Count=1608714, kwh=0.52
Sensor=8, Time=19:09:01 Meter Reading=1537.719, Impulse Count=1608719, kwh=0.525
Sensor=8, Time=19:09:28 Meter Reading=1537.724, Impulse Count=1608724, kwh=0.53
Sensor=8, Time=19:09:56 Meter Reading=1537.729, Impulse Count=1608729, kwh=0.535
Sensor=8, Time=19:10:23 Meter Reading=1537.734, Impulse Count=1608734, kwh=0.54
Sensor=8, Time=19:10:50 Meter Reading=1537.739, Impulse Count=1608739, kwh=0.545
Sensor=8, Time=19:11:18 Meter Reading=1537.744, Impulse Count=1608744, kwh=0.55
Sensor=8, Time=19:13:07 Meter Reading=1537.764, Impulse Count=1608764, kwh=0.57
Sensor=8, Time=19:13:34 Meter Reading=1537.769, Impulse Count=1608769, kwh=0.575
Sensor=8, Time=19:14:02 Meter Reading=1537.774, Impulse Count=1608774, kwh=0.58
Sensor=8, Time=19:14:29 Meter Reading=Infinity, Impulse Count=1608779, kwh=Infinity
Sensor=8, Time=19:14:56 Meter Reading=1537.784, Impulse Count=1608784, kwh=0.59
Sensor=8, Time=19:15:24 Meter Reading=1537.789, Impulse Count=1608789, kwh=0.595
Sensor=8, Time=19:15:51 Meter Reading=1537.794, Impulse Count=1608794, kwh=0.6
Sensor=8, Time=19:16:18 Meter Reading=1537.799, Impulse Count=1608799, kwh=0.605
Sensor=8, Time=19:16:46 Meter Reading=1537.804, Impulse Count=1608804, kwh=0.61
Sensor=8, Time=19:17:13 Meter Reading=1537.809, Impulse Count=1608809, kwh=0.615
Sensor=8, Time=19:17:40 Meter Reading=1537.814, Impulse Count=1608814, kwh=0.62
Sensor=8, Time=19:18:08 Meter Reading=1537.819, Impulse Count=1608819, kwh=0.625
Sensor=8, Time=19:18:35 Meter Reading=1537.824, Impulse Count=1608824, kwh=0.63
Sensor=8, Time=19:19:02 Meter Reading=1537.829, Impulse Count=1608829, kwh=0.635
Sensor=8, Time=19:19:30 Meter Reading=1537.834, Impulse Count=1608834, kwh=0.64
Sensor=8, Time=19:19:57 Meter Reading=1537.839, Impulse Count=1608839, kwh=0.645
Sensor=8, Time=19:20:24 Meter Reading=1537.844, Impulse Count=1608844, kwh=0.65
Sensor=8, Time=19:20:52 Meter Reading=1537.849, Impulse Count=1608849, kwh=0.655
Sensor=8, Time=19:21:46 Meter Reading=1537.859, Impulse Count=1608859, kwh=0.665

Thus if you were using one to count water or gas you would use 665 of what ever the meter pulsed at e.g. CuFt in one hour.

BTW, my PV meter actually displays 209 kWh rather than the 1537 kWh the impulse count has incremented.

I shall now try the same test on my other OptiSmart.


PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:50 pm 

Joined: Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:10 pm
Posts: 328
Location: East Sussex
Same results with my main OptiSmart so it is not just one of my units.

Only did 15 minutes as it reduces my power consumption to zero.

Sensor=9, Time=19:32:05 Meter Reading=64256.16, Impulse Count=1511164, kwh=0
Sensor=9, Time=19:32:33 Meter Reading=64256.17, Impulse Count=1511169, kwh=0.005
Sensor=9, Time=19:33:01 Meter Reading=64256.18, Impulse Count=1511174, kwh=0.01
Sensor=9, Time=19:33:29 Meter Reading=64256.18, Impulse Count=1511179, kwh=0.015
Sensor=9, Time=19:33:57 Meter Reading=64256.18, Impulse Count=1511184, kwh=0.02
Sensor=9, Time=19:34:24 Meter Reading=64256.19, Impulse Count=1511189, kwh=0.025
Sensor=9, Time=19:34:52 Meter Reading=64256.2, Impulse Count=1511194, kwh=0.03
Sensor=9, Time=19:35:20 Meter Reading=64256.2, Impulse Count=1511199, kwh=0.035
Sensor=9, Time=19:35:48 Meter Reading=64256.2, Impulse Count=1511204, kwh=0.04
Sensor=9, Time=19:36:16 Meter Reading=64256.21, Impulse Count=1511209, kwh=0.045
Sensor=9, Time=19:36:44 Meter Reading=64256.21, Impulse Count=1511214, kwh=0.05
Sensor=9, Time=19:37:12 Meter Reading=64256.22, Impulse Count=1511219, kwh=0.055
Sensor=9, Time=19:37:40 Meter Reading=64256.22, Impulse Count=1511224, kwh=0.06
Sensor=9, Time=19:38:08 Meter Reading=64256.23, Impulse Count=1511229, kwh=0.065
Sensor=9, Time=19:38:36 Meter Reading=64256.23, Impulse Count=1511234, kwh=0.07
Sensor=9, Time=19:39:04 Meter Reading=64256.24, Impulse Count=1511239, kwh=0.075
Sensor=9, Time=19:39:32 Meter Reading=64256.24, Impulse Count=1511244, kwh=0.08
Sensor=9, Time=19:40:27 Meter Reading=64256.25, Impulse Count=1511254, kwh=0.09
Sensor=9, Time=19:40:55 Meter Reading=64256.26, Impulse Count=1511259, kwh=0.095
Sensor=9, Time=19:41:51 Meter Reading=64256.27, Impulse Count=1511269, kwh=0.105
Sensor=9, Time=19:42:19 Meter Reading=64256.27, Impulse Count=1511274, kwh=0.11
Sensor=9, Time=19:43:15 Meter Reading=64256.29, Impulse Count=1511284, kwh=0.12
Sensor=9, Time=19:43:43 Meter Reading=64256.29, Impulse Count=1511289, kwh=0.125
Sensor=9, Time=19:44:11 Meter Reading=64256.29, Impulse Count=1511294, kwh=0.13
Sensor=9, Time=19:44:39 Meter Reading=64256.3, Impulse Count=1511299, kwh=0.135
Sensor=9, Time=19:45:07 Meter Reading=64256.3, Impulse Count=1511304, kwh=0.14
Sensor=9, Time=19:45:35 Meter Reading=64256.31, Impulse Count=1511309, kwh=0.145
Sensor=9, Time=19:46:03 Meter Reading=64256.31, Impulse Count=1511314, kwh=0.15
Sensor=9, Time=19:46:30 Meter Reading=64256.32, Impulse Count=1511319, kwh=0.155

Thoughts Please...


PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:25 am 

Joined: Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:36 am
Posts: 1
I have the same problem with my OptiSmart's. It appears to be a bug in the firmware, but there is obviously a workaround in the display units themselves. Of course, there is the disclaimer that the sensors won't work with PV systems, however, I would imagine that the impulse count would still have the same problem if there was zero domestic consumption without a PV system involved (which of course wouldn't happen very often at all!).
I think that the only way to fix this programmatically is to monitor the power output being sent around the same time, and if it is zero, then ignore the increase in the impulse count (painful!).
With a bit of luck, currentcost will come up with a fix for the actual Optismart unit itself sometime soon, although they seem to have been very quiet on this issue.

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