Solar PV

Online Configuration

Data Channel Configuration with the Web Dashboard

NetSmart users with a Photovoltaic (PV) setup can configure the Web Dashboard on to display generation and energy saving information. These features are currently only available for UK users. More countries will be added in the future.

Before we get started you should make sure that the OptiSmart (white transmitter) has been paired to two channels on the EnviR. Data channel – this is the actual meter reading. Essentially a number counter that counts the LED pulses from the meter. Dynamic channel – this converts the meter reading to a Watts Now value.

Once you have registered your NetSmart, the Channels Panel will be exposed. To setup and name your channels, click the Settings Icon in the top right corner of the Settings Panel and configure channels according to the corresponding channels on your EnviR monitor. Channels can be any combination of:

  • Transmitter with CT clamps
  • Mini transmitter with CT clamps
  • OptiSmart transmitter
  • Individual Appliance Monitor (IAM)
  • Dev board with custom sensor

When configuring a channel, each channel can have a channel type:

  • Consume
  • Generate
  • Export
  • Electricity meter
  • Gas meter
  • Water meter
  • PV Generate meter

For the Data channel that is monitoring the PV meter, select PV Generate Meter.
Enter a friendly name for the channel.
Enter the meter reading from the PV generation meter.
Enter the IMP value that can be found on the front of the PV meter.

For the Dynamic channel that is monitoring the PV meter, select Generate.
Enter a friendly name for the channel.

After adding all the channels, click Submit to save the details.

PV Tariff Settings

After configuring your channels for PV, a Feed-in Tariff settings section will be exposed in the settings panel of the dashboard.

In the UK, there are currently two tariffs that apply to PV which work as follows*:

  • 1. Generation Tariff 1 - 100% of energy generated from PV attracts 16p per kWh
  • 2. Export Tariff 2 – 50% of energy generated from PV attracts 4.5p per kWh
  • 3. The two figures are added together to give the total income from energy generated.

*Please note, these figures may vary according to the tariffs specific to a PV installation.

The PV Panel

Once channels are correctly configured and the tariff settings entered, the PV panel will be exposed, plotting the PV generation and Net difference on the PV graph. The values Saved today and Generated today are also displayed. The meter reading will also be visible for the PV meter.

PV generation represents the energy generated taken from the dynamic reading of the PV meter reading.

Net difference represents the difference between the whole of house usage minus PV generation.

**Saved today represents the amount of energy generated multiplied by the Cost per kWh tariff of energy from the energy supplier.

**Generated today represents the total value of the two PV tariffs added together to give the total income from energy generated.

**Please note that these figures are only indications.

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