Our smallest device displays energy consumption in real-time to give an immediate snapshot of energy use.
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Envi R

With individual appliance monitoring capabilities as standard, the EnviR also empowers users with full utility metering ability.
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Data Cable

Download data gathered by your Current Cost energy monitor to your PC. View your data in a graph for a broader understanding of your electricity use.
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Send your energy usage data to compatible web portals by connecting your monitor to your broadband connection via the NetSmart. View your data online!View Product


Current Cost's OptiSmart technology, for use with LED impulse meters and
Smart meters.
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This second-generation monitor makes advances on the Classic with the added benefit of individual appliance monitoring. Identify and monitor energy-hungry appliances with the Envi!View Product

The Classic

The original energy monitor from Current Cost. This display allows you to simply monitor your home’s energy consumption.View Product


Get extra sensors & transmitters to measure additional meters via the same monitor.View Product

Identify and monitor energy-hungry appliances in your home. Understand your energy consumption and costs broken down by appliance.
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