Trec - How to install

Setting up your TREC Display

  1. Connect the wire from the display power supply into the port on the back of the display unit.
  2. Plug the display power supply into a convenient wall socket
  3. The ‘Energy Now’ value on the display will now show dashes. The energy monitor should
    be left powered on at all times to read energy correctly.
  4. Remove the plastic battery tab from the underside of the black transmitter unit; the
    transmitter will now be activated.
  5. If the display shows ‘0 Watts’ the display has already been paired and is ready to use.
    If it shows dashes the display and transmitter need pairing.

Pairing the TREC Display and Transmitter

  1. Place the transmitter and the display in the same room.
  2. Remove the battery tab from the back of the transmitter.
  3. Locate the tuning button towards the top of the transmitter.
  4. Transmitter
  5. Using a match/pen or similar, push and hold the recessed tuning button for nine seconds
    or until the LED on the transmitter has flashed ONCE.
  6. Upon releasing, the red LED on the transmitter will rapidly flash for a minute. If it doesn’t,
    please try again.
  7. Whilst the LED on the transmitter is flashing, press and hold the DOWN ( ) button on the
    display until the LED on the display flashes.
  8. When you release the button the screen will show a flashing tuning signal indicating it’s tuning itself to the transmitter.
  9. When tuning is completed the display screen will show an aerial icon to indicate that tuning
    has been successful, the display will show ‘0 Watts’.

Fitting the Transmitter to your Meter

  1. 1) Now the transmitter and monitor are paired take the black transmitter and attach the
    CT jaw into the socket on the side of the transmitter. Take the transmitter and attached
    CT jaw to your mains meter.

    This is often on an outside wall or in your garage, utility room or porch. If you live in a flat,
    it can often be found outside your front door in the communal staircase. The TREC display
    unit may be left in any room you wish to see it, for example the Hall or Kitchen.

    TIP: If you have one electricity meter, fit the sensor jaw as described below. If you have two
    electricity meters, choose the one that supplies your household electricity, not the one that
    supplies your night storage heaters.
  2. Find the thick round wires connected to the electricity meter. The CT jaw should be placed
    around the live cable which runs from your meter to your fuse box, this is usually the fourth
    cable from the left.

    IMPORTANT: When looking at the cables leaving the bottom of the meter, they should be
    fully insulated and you should not be able to see any of the cable conductor or core. If you do
    see the live conductor, do not touch the cable and consult a qualified electrical installer for advice.
  3. Choose a place on the wire’s length where there is some room around and behind it. Encircle the wire with the jaw of the CT. Please note, it should not be clamped onto the wire.
    It is safe to ease the wire forwards to make room, provided this is done gently.
  4. Place the transmitter in any suitable dry location as high as possible where it will not fall, within the length of its cable. Ensure that the aerial on the transmitter is in an upright position for the best signal strength. As soon as this is done, the TREC display will start to work. No electrical damage can occur to either the electrical installation or the transmitter by choosing the wrong wire.

Adjusting your electricity price

The TREC display has been programmed with a default p/kWh unit rate. If you wish to
change the unit rate please follow these steps:

• Push and hold the UP (Up ) button on the TREC display until the LED flashes then release.
• Push the UP (Up) or DOWN (Up) button to change from pounds/pence, dollar/cents to euros/cents.
• Press the OK button to confirm.
• The price will then start flashing (i.e. c/p/kWh). Push the UP (Up) or DOWN (Up) button
to adjust the pence/cents price of the electricity.
• Press the OK button to confirm.
• Repeat this process with the pence/cents option.
• Press the OK button to confirm and the TREC display will resume normal operation.


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