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What people say

"I have halved my electricity use since starting to use [the Current Cost monitor]"

BBC News Reporter:
"You can use this information to change your habits cut costs and help the environment."

Channel 4 News:
"People connect their bills with the amount of electricity they’re consuming with the amount of CO2 they’re emitting. Once you see it and watch what happens when you switch on the kettle, once you see the difference it makes on your real-time display… all the evidence shows a eight to 16 per cent saving can be made in the average household."

"The unit has already paid for itself by identifying a few unsuspected power-hogging devices - our ambient power consumption has already gone down from 700 Watts to under 350 Watts. The kids want to get it under 200, and are now militant about turning every unused device off."

Current Cost home display is a really useful device to help you understand the home’s electricity use.

The Current Cost display has been designed to assist you in stopping wastage, this doesn't mean stopping usage. If you are wasting energy, you are wasting money. The bar graph on the display should show virtually nothing during the night and if you are working it should show the same during the day, if it doesn't, maybe you are leaving something(s) on that could be turned off?

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