The Classic - How to install

Pairing the display and transmitter

  1. Connect the display unit power cable to the socket on the back of the display and plug into a power socket
  2. If the display shows ‘0 watts’ the display doesn’t need pairing, you can move on to 'connecting'. If it show dashes the monitor and transmitter need pairing
  3. Locate the tuning push switch in the centre of the black transmitter. Using a ballpoint pen, push and hold the switch for nine seconds. Upon releasing the red light on the sensor will rapidly flash for a minute. If it doesn’t flash, try again
  4. While the light on the transmitter is flashing, press and hold the down button on the display for six seconds. When you release the button the screen will show a tuning signal indicating it’s tuning itself to the transmitter. Once tuning is complete your display will clear and return to operation.


  1. Take the transmitter and its sensor jaw to your mains meter; select the thick round wire from the meter that leads to your house, its likely you will have four (or even six) cables, the target cable is the 4th from the left. Ensure there is room around the wire for the jaw to encircle the wire and put the clamp around the wire. The best results will be achieved by ensuring the jaw is fully closed - if it can sit perpendicular to the cable, all the better.

Setting the clock

  1. To set the clock hold the centre button for three seconds, let go and the screen will clear and the clock hours will flash
  2. Use the up and down buttons to alter the hour (the monitor has a 24 hour clock). Once the correct hour is selected press the centre button
  3. The minutes will now flash, use the up and down buttons to correct the minutes. Push the square button; the LED light on the front with flash and the display will resume to normal operation.

Adjusting your electricity price

The unit has been programmed with a default p/kWh unit rate. You may wish to adjust to match the rate you are paying. To do this follow the instructions below:
  1. On the display push the up button for three seconds and release
  2. Push the up or down to change from euros/cents to pounds/pence
  3. Press the centre button to confirm
  4. The price will then start flashing (i.e. p/kWh). Push the up or down button to adjust the pence/cents price of the electricity
  5. Press the centre button to confirm
  6. Repeat this process with the pence/cents option
  7. Press the centre button to confirm
  8. The LED on the front of the monitor will flash and the display will resume normal operation.

TIP: The LED light will flash at the end of each stage of the programming to show you that you have successfully completed that section.

Advanced Features

There are several electricity tariffs available, if you pay different kWh unit rates for electricity consumed at different times of day, The Classic can be set up to allow this.

  1. Press and hold the up and down buttons together for three seconds and release
  2. You will then see the clock flashing. Using the up and down buttons you can now set the time that your low rate starts. Press the centre button to confirm
  3. Using the up and down buttons you can now select your low rate cost. Press the square button to confirm.
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