GaSmart NetSmart Bridge Upgrade partners

All existing EnviR and NetSmart owners can now monitor gas consumption by using our GaSmart technology. An easy to install sensor, simply clips onto the front of your gas meter and sends meter read information to your Current Cost online Dashboard. Depending on the meter and its internal construction Current Cost have several options available.

Due to the diversity of meters throughout the UK, unfortunately not all meters are compatible with the GaSmart. Some gas meters or smart meters are unsuitable. If you would like to check the compatibility of your meter before you purchase please contact info@currentcost.com with a photo of your meter clearly showing the make and model.

Below are the two sensor types currently available and a list of compatible meters for each.

Compatible meters

  • - Elster BK series of meters
  • - Krom // Schroder BK-G4

Compatible meter

  • - Actaris & Itron G4 or U6

If your meter has a direct connection it will require a RJ11 GaSmart Reader Type J Cable (Possible meters include Schlumberger & Actaris & Ugi Limited “R5” meters and George Wilson G4 meters). Please contact us at info@currentcost.com for more information.

Please note:

  • Your pack will contain a GaSmart reader and digital transmitter. Display not included
  • GaSmart is compatible with EnviR and NetSmart devices. Available at http://currentcost.com/where-to-buy.html
  • You will need a NetSmart 12 or 24 (3 additional channels) or PRO 12/24 (9 additional channels) to monitor both Gas and Electricity usage online *
  • Online monitoring of gas meter readings only

* 12 and 24 refers to length of online service agreement.

Disclaimer: Before installation please seek the permission of the owner of your gas meter.

Due to the diversity of gas meters throughout the UK, Current Cost does not take responsibility for your gas meter being incompatible. Some gas meters or smart meters are unsuitable. If your meter is unsuitable due to its age, contact your gas supplier to see if you qualify for an upgrade.