Energy Advice

Why is my display showing '0' watts (or is very low)?

How do I stop the LED lighting?

Does the device need batteries?

Will information be lost in the event of a power cut?

Does it matter where I put the monitor?

Do I unplug it when I go on holiday?

How much does it cost to run?

Why do I see some dashes instead of energy (watts) occasionally?

Do the monitors come in different colours?

Can I have more than one monitor (say for a study)?

Does it have to be professionally installed?

Who should I contact if it stops working?

How do I keep my monitor clean?

Are there monitors available for the poor of sight?

Can I check my monitor while I’m away from home?

Can I use it on my three phase supply?

Can I view data from months ago?

Can I use a different currency?

Can I use it on my E7 or E10 supply?

How can I detect faulty appliances?

Why is the energy used different than my revenue meter shows?

Is the Current Cost unit available to buy?

Can I buy the PC cable?

My tariff alters after a number of units, what figure should I enter into the display?

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