Energy Advice

More and more people in the UK are thinking about the environment.

Already most of us do some form of recycling, and are careful about water use, but few truly understand the actual cost of electricity in the home.

If we all do the small things such as turning off lights and switching appliances off at the wall instead of leaving them on standby we will all make a massive difference. Not only to our electricity bill but also to the amount of energy waste across the UK.

It’s more important than ever with the introduction of LCD and plasma screen TVs, home computers and even garden lighting, the nations use of electricity is on the rise.

Changing behaviour is a simple task. What we need is accurate information on cost. We all have a detailed phone bill and now with the Current Cost monitor, we will have real time information that will surprise everyone.

What’s the real difference of an energy saving light bulb or what we actually save when turning off the TV at the socket and most of us wouldn’t have a clue. That old freezer in the garage - you might be surprised how much it's costing.


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